I'm Sam, a coffee enthusiast from London.
The aim for this blog is to try and showcase some of the best Coffee Houses that I find on my journeys through life and to also advise of the many that it may be suggested you do not visit!
I want somewhere to collate my thoughts on the different places I go and drink away the hours, so this is just that.

So sit back, grab a coffee and find follow my journey into a world of coffee possibility...


G!RO CAFE                                                                                                             2 High Street - Esher - Surrey - KT10 9RT

Situated just outside of London is G!RO. A cycling culture point and a smalltime cafe. This independent cafe was set up to be a hub for cyclists across London and Surrey to meet before and after a cycle. Owned and run predominantly by cyclists themselves it soon became popular in cycling culture in its surrounding area. Yet its modern, clean design and warming atmosphere has allowed it to not only have this popularity in cyclists but also in those who want good coffee, good food and good prices.

Once arriving at G!RO, you immediately understand why it has such an appeal to people, high quality finish with homely touches create an atmosphere that you want to sit in for hours (which is why I somehow stayed for 3). The whole feeling of commercialism that you may get in a franchised coffee shop such as Starbucks is practically non existent here.

Surrounding you is primarily cycling memorabilia and equipment, but the odd photograph breaks it up enough to not get a sense of sports club when you are having your coffee.

G!RO offer a vast array of coffee, both hot and cold brewed alongside a selection of cakes, pastries and savoury treats to enjoy with the excellent coffee. Everything seemed to be priced well for the quality that you receive. Coffees ranging form £2 - £4 and accompaniments from £2 - £8. 

I would very much advise a visit to G!RO if you are ever to pass through London or Surrey, It currently sits on top of my Top 10 coffee shops, and will be a hard one to knock off.

COFFEE             - 4/5
SETTING            - 4/5

OVERALL           - 4/5
September 2014

Colour photo is my own, B&W photos credit girocycles.com

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